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How to create a simple dinosaur mural

I’d like to show you a  simple idea for you to create a dinosaur mural for your child’s room.

Dinosaur Silhouettes

Paint a series of your favourite dinosaurs in one colour to suit the colour scheme of your child’s room. Go as pale or as dark as you wish. Try a tone just slightly darker than the wall colour for a pleasing subtle effect.

You can either find your own dinosaur shapes and enlarge them on a photocopier. Rub the back of the paper with a coloured chalk and trace over your design to transfer the pattern to the wall. Alternatively,  you could use one of my ready made dinosaur mural template kits which come in two sizes and have carbon paper to fit to trace onto the wall.

Two colour Dinosaur Mural

Take your simple dinosaur shape. Make the legs and some markings on the body a second colour. Trace onto the wall and paint .

Again, with this option you could either find your own dinosaur shapes and enlarge them on a photocopier. Rub the back of the paper with a coloured chalk and trace over your design to transfer the pattern to the wall or alternatively,  you could use one of my ready made dinosaur mural template kits which come in two sizes and have carbon paper to fit making it quick and easy to trace onto the wall.

Wallpaper cutout dinosaur mural

Choose a lovely wallpaper. Trace the design onto the back of the wallpaper, then cut out the shape and paste it onto the wall as per the instructions of your wallpaper brand.
My ready made dinosaur mural template kits come ready with carbon paper to fit making the tracing easy. They are designed to fit on an average width of wallpaper. The large sizes will fit on two widths of wall paper.

We have six dinosaur designs for you to choose from

Choose one or more of your favourite dinosaurs or use our kit with three dinosaurs templates included.
The kits come with a large paper pattern, transfer paper to fit and instructions.

The kits are available from the Magic Mural Factory (USA) and

Wallstory Murals (if you live in Europe or the UK)

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Princess Themed Room Decor

Princess Wall Mural Ideas

With spring and the holidays here, you might be turning your thoughts to a bit of  simple decorating.
Chances are your little girl may aready have lots of pink things in her bedroom.

How about bringing all that pink together in a Princess theme?
Create a Princess room for your little girl with a simple mural as a focal point.

Do it yourself murals are simple and easy to create and can add that WOW factor to an otherwise rather plain pink’  room.

Here are some murals that may inspire you to give it a go.
Paint by number murals are very easy to do, as are adhesive stencil murals, and if you really don’t want to paint, there are  always sticker murals, but for this post I’ll be concentrating on how to paint a Princess mural yourself.

Happily Ever after (paint by number mural)

Princess Castle in the clouds (paint by number mural)
Available at both the Magic Mural Factory and Wallstory Murals


Sweet Dreams Bed hugger mural (paint by number)
Princess in Pink Mini mural (paint by numbers)


Perfectly Princess Room (Self adhesive mural stencils)

Click here to see a short video on how to paint a Princess Murals using self adhesive stencils


Create A Princess Crown for your Princess theme room

Click here for instructions on how to create this 3D princess crown wall art

Princess crown mural for girls bedroom

Princess crown mural with embellishments

Click here for instructions on how to create this 3D princess crown wall art from a previous post

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How to create a tree themed children’s bedroom

Wallpaper tree mural

Spring is on it’s way and I’ve been thinking about tree murals and decorating children’s rooms and nurseries with a tree theme.

I’ve found some lovely ideas that might inspire you to do the same for your child room.
The theme is gentle and timeless. Depending on the style you choose, the look could be equally at home in a baby nursery as a child’s room.

Firstly the wall decor and of course murals in partcular

Your choices are to hire a mural artist to paint a mural for you
Stick on tree themed decals or wall stickers
Paint one yourself using a paint by number kit or tree stencil kit

and then there’s ideas for other tree themed elements that you could incorporate around the room to tie the theme together.

The murals

Wallpaper tree mural
Tree of Life Wall paper mural (


Stencil tree designBirds and Tree (Cutting edge stencils)


The Bunny Tree Vinyl Wall Decal (WowWall)


Room mates tree wall decalRoom Mates Scroll Tree Decal Megapac (Amazon)


Summer Tree Wall Decal (WowWall)


Love Bird Tree paint by number muralLove Bird Tree Paint By Number Mural (Wallstory Murals)(Magic Mural Factory)

Paint by number Tree wall muralLove Bird Tree Paint By Number Mural (Wallstory Murals)(Magic Mural Factory)

Willow tree and moon bunny sihouette mural (Paint by number Wallstory Murals)(Magic Mural Factory)

Feathery Friends paint by number mural (Magic Mural Factory)

The Magic Mural Factory has a selection of various paint by number tree murals to choose from

Other tree themed rooms accessories

Rustic Twig Headboard

Rustic Wooden Head board (Hearthwoods)

Tree Bench

Imagine this this rustic tree bench in your tree themed room.
A few brightly coloured cushions on it and it would make  a wonderful feature in the room
(Natural Tree Furniture)

Tree themed Baby nursery

This nature-themed nursery was created for a client in Southern California, and features floor-to-ceiling custom items. The real tree branches, mingled with the tree and bird decals, are truly a spectacle!

Over the changing table, tree branch hooks carry cute little buckets to put all those bits and pieces needed for changing nappies (wipes, diapers, etc…).

Tree decals combined with real branches suspended from the ceiling create a place to hang little pictures and toys above the crib.
See the whole article on Little Crown Interiors

Make a rustic tree curtain pole

I found this image on In Home Design

There doesn’t seem to be any instructions on how to make this so here are my suggestions.

How to Do it

Go for a walk in the country side and find yourself a lovely stick.
Make sure it is the correct width for your window plus some extra either side of the window.
Try and find a stick that is quite dry.
Paint the stick with an undercoat and then spray or paint it any colour you wish.
Use an acrylic paint intended for woodwork.
Purchase two curtain pole brackets that come in various shapes and forms.
Like this one below for example.

Attach the brackets to the wall add your painted branch and all that’s left to do it attach your curtain.

Please note that because the branch may be twisted and ‘branchy’ you will might find that tie on curtains like the one in the picture above will be easier to install.
These curtains are better left open as a decorative feature rather than a functional curtain.
A blind on the actual window would be advisable to use in conjunction with the curtains.

Et Voila!

Tree Themed Shelves

I think this is charming and simple. I found it at Live Wire Farm .
If you are a bit handy I don’t think it would be difficult to recreate the same idea.

How to Do it

Find two appropriately shaped branches.
Cut the back of each one flat so that they can be screwed flat against a wall.
Make sure that the tops are cut flat too so that your shelf can rest flat on the top.
Buy or find, or cut a shelf the length and depth you require
Mark where the supports touch the shelf and screw a couple of screws downwards into the branch brackets to keep it in place
Et voila!

Some more rustic shelf ideas to compliment the tree theme. I spotted this one on Design Sponge.
There are some instructions there too.

Tree themed coat hanging rack

Rustic Coat Rack

I found this coat rack idea on The little things we do
Hang pretty flowery bags on the hooks to store toys or other bits and pieces, or simply hang coats on it!

Rustic Log shelves

rustic log shelves you can make yourselfRachel’s Rustic Log shelves. See how to make these on Design Sponge

Tree themed Beds

Slightly out of most of our budgets 😉 but it’s so lovely I couldn’t resist it You can find this at Atilladesign on Etsy

This is fun I found it at Raphael D’Amato

This is from Style of design

DIY Tree themed Beds

When I look at these beds, I think that with a little bit of thought you could make something similar.

What’s to stop you screwing some lovely branches like the ones above to an existing bed to turn it into a tree themed four poster bed?

Or how about a canopy above the bed substituting the pole for a tree branch?

This post is becoming too long!!
The more I research the more ideas I find, so I’ll stop here and do some separate posts on tree themed bedding, rugs and soft furnishings ideas.



his nature-themed nursery was created for a client in Southern California, and features floor-to-ceiling custom items. The real tree branches, mingled with the tree and bird decals, are truly a spectacle!

organic baby boys nursery

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How to create a children’s mural using paint by number mural kits

June 4, 2009 at 7:38 am 1 comment

Silhouette murals

Keeping it Simple

If you want to keep it really simple as far as painting goes, consider a  silhouette mural.
Silhouettes don’t need to be black, personally I think  it’s better if they aren’t, especially in a child’s bedroom.

Silhouette willow tree children's bedroom

Willow tree and bunny paint by number paper pattern mural available at The Magic Mural Factory & Wallstory Murals
Brown on blue or brown on a pink background look both look fantastic together.

Dolphin Silhouette muralDolphin Silhouette available at Wallstory Murals
(paint by number mural pattern)

silhouette-boys-onbluesmSilhouette boys from the  Magic Mural factory
(Paint by number mural pattern)

Safari Silhouette from the Magic Mural Factory
(Paint by number Mural pattern)

See more Silhouette murals themes at the Magic Mural Factory

You could even go for a subtler look, by painting your background a pale colour and paint your silhouettes a shade darker than the background.

Where to find a silhouette image

Loads of subjects could make a great silhouette, as long as the form is simple and clear.

Find an image in a chosen theme.
Trace the outline of the picture and voila you have a silhouette.
Enlarge your image with the aid of a photocopier, or trace it onto transparent film and enlarge the image onto the wall using an overhead projector or craft projector.
If you’re lucky enough to have a video projector (the kind you can attach to a laptop computer) then any image you find on the internet can be easily projected onto the wall and traced.

Paint in your shape in a colour of your choice.

Top Tip- Buy tester pots of acrylic paint to paint your silhouette mural. They come in loads of colours to choose from.

Alternatively you can buy a ready to trace pattern and transfer paper like these below from the Magic Mural Factory and Wallstory Murals





Here is a lovely example of how to create a mural created using a video projector from
Apartment Therapy

More silhouette mural ideas

This horse design from Unique Baby Ideas


Look at this cool cowboy mural

Tone on tone nursery – blue on blue for a calm and soothing effect from Nursery Murals and More

And of course there are always Wall Decals if you really don’t want to paint.

ronde-arbre-pola1This beautiful example above  is from a French website called Harmonie intérieure



These cuties are from Dali Decals

forest-decalsChildren’s Room Forest from Small Time Art

Etsy has LOADS of decals in all sorts of subjects including silhouettes. Just search on any subject you like.

My final DIY silhouette mural idea for you

Using your children as the models for a truly unique mural.

You will need
A bright light or projector
A darkened room
A Pencil.
Paint brushes and acrylic paint

How to do it

Aim your light at the wall.
Have your kids strike interesting poses in front of the light creating a good shadow on the wall.
Make sure they can keep still for a little while, before tracing around the shadow on the wall.
Paint in the silhouettes in any colour you wish.


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New DIY Jungle Murals

Watch out! There’s a bit of monkey business going on here!


Take a look at our latest addition to our DIY Jungle mural selection at Wallstory Murals.
This cheeky monkey mural is perfect as a doorhugger or for a narrow wall space.
It’s easy to paint using our simple paint by number mural system.


If you can colour in a colouring book you can paint one of our murals!
Click here to see how it’s done

Meet our adorable Giraffe and Parrot Doorhugger Mural


The giraffe stands guard over the door and welcomes visitors with a smile.
Team them up with the cheeky monkey for even more jungle fun!


Both these murals are also available at the
Magic Mural Factory

for USA buyers


Enter our Givaway Tree Mural offer plus claim your 20%discount voucher for Wallstory Murals.
HURRY Offer ends 6th April
Click here for details

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Wallpaper Tree Mural Pattern

The Wallpaper Tree Mural Pattern that I promised you is now ready!

wallpaper-tree1You can read the whole post here or go straight to the pattern on my website

The Tree mural pattern at Wallstory Murals for UK and European readers


The Tree mural pattern at Magic Mural Factory for USA readers

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