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How to choose a room theme for your child

Ask your child!

What would he/she like?

Don’t forget this is your child’s’ wall mural, not yours.
You might think a princess mural with fairies and flowers all cute and pink is the way to go, but she really wants a football mural.
Be careful with younger children. Get the idea of what they want and all their input at the beginning but don’t let them continue to add ideas on a whim once the project is under way. (I say this from bitter experience.)
With my own children I have made sure that what they want is not just a passing whim that will be forgotten a week later.

Talk and listen to them over some time to see what subject keeps coming up. Take your time, don’t rush into a decision unless you intend to change the room frequently.
Make a list of their interests and hobbies. The key is to eliminate those which you know to be just the latest fashion. Fashion changes quickly, sometimes overnight. Hobbies and interests are likely to stay with your child throughout their lives.

Take a look at some of the children’s room themes we cover at the Magic Mural Factory. This may give you and your child some inspiration for a wall mural.

If the theme you are looking for includes a mural, but you can’t find a DIY mural that suites your needs, consider a custom designed Paint by Number mural.
You can read all about our custom designed murals by clicking here.

Above all have fun.


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See one of our children’s DIY murals being painted

Check out the progress of our FREE paint by number mural winner Jennifer.
She has started painting the Pirate themed Skull and Buried Treasure mural, and she’s doing a fantastic job.

Jennifer chose a mural from our website Wallstory Murals and is in the process of painting and blogging the process. If you want to see how easy it is, follow her progress on her blog Skinner Stuff

Our Pirate murals are available on both our websites

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Where to paint a mural in your child’s room

Take a good look around your child’s room, and ask yourself the following questions.
Your answers will determine the size and type of wall décor you choose.

  • Where are the main pieces of furniture are going in the child’s room?
    (You don’t want your wall art to be partly hidden behind that bookcase you forgot was going on that wall! Or disappearing behind the head board!)
  • Are there are to be any other wall décor elements to be included in the room or any existing ones to stay?
  • Is there any large object or furniture that you may want to include later that may take up some wall space?
    Make a note of the heights and widths of any objects. It may help to draw a very pale chalk mark on the wall where these objects will be.
  • Is there something you would like to disguise?

After answering these questions look and see what wall space is left?

  • A whole wall?
  • The whole room?
  • The ceiling?
  • The floor?
  • Above the bed head?
  • Opposite the bed?
  • On a piece of furniture?
  • Either side of a window?
  • Above a bookcase?
  • Around a toy box?
  • Over a fireplace?
  • On a door etc?
  • Where do you would like the focal point to be?

Now you can see what space you are dealing with and you can choose how to fill it either with a kid’s mural or child wall art. It could be large or small.
It’s up to you.

The Magic Mural Factory have a great range of DIY paint by number murals that are designed to be painted around doors (Doorhuggers), or around a bed or bed head (Bed huggers) and smaller murals for over shelves, and other pieces of common bedroom furniture.

For example look at these ones

 Princess Room theme Bedhugger


 Spaceman and Alien Doorhugger. (Part of the Alien Planet mural selection)

Vine and Corner fairy mural (Part of the fairy mural paint by number selection)


Baseball equipment mural (Part of the sport murals, paint by number collection)

There’s lots more at the Magiuc Mural Factory to suit the theme you choose for your children’s wall mural

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