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Princess Themed Room Decor

Princess Wall Mural Ideas

With spring and the holidays here, you might be turning your thoughts to a bit of  simple decorating.
Chances are your little girl may aready have lots of pink things in her bedroom.

How about bringing all that pink together in a Princess theme?
Create a Princess room for your little girl with a simple mural as a focal point.

Do it yourself murals are simple and easy to create and can add that WOW factor to an otherwise rather plain pink’  room.

Here are some murals that may inspire you to give it a go.
Paint by number murals are very easy to do, as are adhesive stencil murals, and if you really don’t want to paint, there are  always sticker murals, but for this post I’ll be concentrating on how to paint a Princess mural yourself.

Happily Ever after (paint by number mural)

Princess Castle in the clouds (paint by number mural)
Available at both the Magic Mural Factory and Wallstory Murals


Sweet Dreams Bed hugger mural (paint by number)
Princess in Pink Mini mural (paint by numbers)


Perfectly Princess Room (Self adhesive mural stencils)

Click here to see a short video on how to paint a Princess Murals using self adhesive stencils


Create A Princess Crown for your Princess theme room

Click here for instructions on how to create this 3D princess crown wall art

Princess crown mural for girls bedroom

Princess crown mural with embellishments

Click here for instructions on how to create this 3D princess crown wall art from a previous post

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Dinosaur Decor Ideas- DIY Dinosaur Decor

Magic Mural Factory or Wallstory Murals


Kid’s Bedroom Decor Idea – Dinosaur Adventure

Decorating your kid’s bedroom is great fun for parents and children. One popular decor idea for sons or daughters is a dinosaur adventure motif. Many young boys love dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts.

Use the following tips and ideas to turn your kid’s bedroom into an adventurous dinosaur jungle.

Dinosaur Adventure Kid’s Bedroom Painting Ideas

All dinosaurs did not live in the jungle.  However, the prehistoric world was populated by some large trees and ferns.  The first step in turning your kid’s bedroom into a dinosaur adventure is painting the walls to represent this jungle-like habitat.

Paint the walls green and add different colors of green for giant leaves, fern fronds, and palm type trees.  If you are really adventurous, paint in some logs and rocks as well.  Painting the ceiling blue will make your kid feel as if their bedroom is really outside in a dinosaur habitat.

If your kid prefers, you can paint the room to look like a desert dinosaur habitat.  The main colors would be tan, brown, and yellow.  You can paint large rocks or an oasis on one wall.

Dinosaur Adventure Kid’s Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Furniture was never found in dinosaur times, but your kid needs some in his bedroom.  You can paint small dinosaurs, dinosaur footprints, or scale pattern on your kid’s bedroom furniture.  Or, you can transform the furniture into giant dinosaurs by cutting out pieces of plywood in the shape of the dinosaurs and attaching it to the sides of the furniture.  For example, your kid’s bed could become a sleeping stegosaurus with a plywood shape on each side.

Dinosaur Adventure Kid’s Bedroom Accessory Ideas

Making the dinosaur adventure themed kid’s bedroom is easy with the right accessories.  You should be able to find dinosaur printed bed linens such as sheets and blankets.  You can buy or sew dinosaur shaped pillows for the bed or chairs.  Any type of jungle style accessories would work well.  Buy a lamp with a shade that looks like palm fronds.  Get a carpet remnant and cut out the shape of a giant dinosaur footprint for a throw rug.  Use wooden dinosaur teeth as pegs where your kid can hang their coat and hat.

Decorating your kid’s bedroom in a dinosaur adventure style is a great idea for kids that love prehistoric animals.  By using a jungle motif and lots of dinosaur pictures and toys, your son or daughter will love their adventure bedroom.

Content Source: BukisaKid’s Bedroom Decor Idea – Dinosaur Adventure

Read more:

DIY Dinosaur Accessory Ideas

Look at these, I LOVE them!!

DIY Glowing Dinosaurs Lamps

Available at ThinkGeek

Glowing Dinosaurs for your Mammal Based Enjoyment

Take your home lighting back to the mesozoic era with these DIY Dinosaur Lamps. Think T-Rex knew that thousands of years in the future he would be recreated as a glowing table lamp for the whim of some odd warm blooded creatures? Probably not, but as a mammal you will appreciate the workout your opposable thumbs receive while assembling T-Rex… or his friends diplodocus and triceratops.

All three of these dinosaur lamps are constructed from precision cut sheets of flexible plastic which you slot together to create the finished glowing sculpture. Construction time is about 30-40 minutes, but the directions are very clear with detailed photographs of each step. Makes you wonder if thousands of years in the future when we’ve annihilated ourselves into a nuclear oblivion some advanced evolved race will make DIY Human Lamps…

Product Features

  • Glowing Dinosaur Lamps that you can build yourself
  • Easy slot together construction
  • Clear directions with detailed photographs of each step
  • Completed lamps stand about 13″ high depending on dinosaur
  • Includes 120V AC cord and switch
  • Does NOT include bulb, you need to provide your own
  • Requires a candelabra style bulb (E12 North America, E10 & E11 in Europe)

Dinosaur Accessories

Make A Dinosaur Pillow/Pyjama bag

Kids can make their own pillow the shape of the popular dinosaur.
All you need is a piece of felt, some ribbon and glue. It’s all no sew and by following our pattern and easy instructions they can make one or make two back to back; one to be a little pillow and the other to make a pajama bag – just leave the top open and add a “handle”. They can be the envy of their friends at the next sleep over.

See the full instructions at Wrights- kids crafts

Dinosaur Accessories

How to Make Cool Dinosaur Appliqued Pillows

FREE Dinosaur Pillow Patterns and Templates

Make your children their very own set of four “easy to make” and “easy to sew” dinosaur appliqued pillows using these free dinosaur patterns and templates (for personal use only). These decorative dinosaur pillows will be the perfect accessory to complete their dinosaur themed bedroom.

See the full instructions and download the patterns at

Dinosaur Painting Ideas

DIY Dinosaur Murals

Paint by number Dinosaur Mural

See How to paint a mural by numbers

T-Rex mural from Magic Mural factory or Wallstory Murals

Brace yourself!

When you add some eye popping jurasic drama to your child’s room with this T-Rex crashing through the wall.

Available in Small and Large sizes
(Kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.)

Brachiosaurus Pool mural from Magic Mural Factory or Wallstory Murals

Dinosaur Painting Ideas

Self Adhesive Stencil Dinosaur Mural

Dinosaur Days

  • Paint a stunning mural in one weekend
  • No artistic skills required
  • Designer look-Unbeatable price
  • Choose your own colors
  • Self adhesive stencils make painting easy
  • Watch on-line video demonstrations


Self Adhesive Dinosaur Stencil Mural
Available from
The Magic Mural Factory

Magic Mural Factory DIY mural for children's rooms

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How to make a Bird Mobile

Summer tweets Bird mobile


I just love anything to do with birds when it comes to decor so I thought I’d share this bird mobile project with you that I can across today on The Red Thread.

I’ve featured a bird mobile before here, but this one is so cute too, and worthy of note.
Make it as a gift for a baby shower or create it with your child using up old scraps of fabric. A great rainy day project that can be done in stages if necessary for your own child’s room. Mind you it’ll be just as lovely in an adult room too or hanging in a tree on a warm evening amongst some fairy lights.


You will need

– Newspaper
– Scissors
– Sicky tape
– PVA glue
– Brightly coloured fabric scraps
– Rattan cane hoops (from craft shops). 20 – 24cm [8 – 9.5 inches] in diameter
– 4 -5 cm [2 inches] diameter styrofoam balls – optional
– Embroidery thread
– Long needle

It’s not hard.
Click here
to read the full instructions on The Red Thread blog

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FREE GIVEAWAY- Wallables, Interactive Wall Art

For those of you who haven’t heard about Wallables, let me enlighten you…

they are the cutest
children’s wall art you ever did see!

Wallables are 3 dimensional sculpted wall décor products made out of soft polyurethane foam, whose  bright colours and soft textures not only look great as a decor feature in your baby nursery, but they also encourage your baby to touch and explore the different surfaces, teaching your baby to interact with their invironment.

Loving these letters

Wallables also come in a new Alphabet series.

When pressed the wallable says the letter. You can try it out on the Wallable Website and hear what the letters sound like. Spell out your child’s name.  Click here to go to that website page

Four sets wallablesWhen touched Wallables play music, teaching babies cause and effect’.


This 3d nursery wall art is made of a lightweight material which is soft and flexible and allows them to be placed above cribs or beds without  any worries.

are very safe and have passed both the ASTM and CE toy safety standards for all countries.

Wallables can be combined with handpainted murals to create interactive murals like this one above for example. Click here to see how it’s done

I’m planning to work on some new interactive mural ideas that combine hand painted murals you do yourself with Wallable characters and Alphabet letters.
Watch this space or leave a comment on interactive ideas or themes you might like to see me create.


our FREE


The lovely people at Wallables are giving away..

‘Dotty the Dragonfly‘ from the ‘Soft Smilies collection’


MAX’ from the ‘Wild Thing’ series

Max is now a collectors item as the Wild thing series is no longer being produced!

Max From Where the Wild things are

How to Enter

It’s easy

1. SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL to this blog

2. Leave a comment with your idea for an interactive mural or simply visit and tell me which is your favourite Wallable character

3. Tell a friend 🙂

You will then automatically be entered into the Wallable Giveaway.

Wanna gain extra entries for the giveaway?

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  • Add my “Off the Wall” button to your site (grab it from the upper right sidebar)

Don’t forget add a comment for each thing that you do.

Last date for entries to win the Wallable Characters is Midnight Friday 24th July 2009.

The winner of the Wallable Giveaway will be picked at random from a hat and announced on Monday 27th July 2009.

GOOD LUCK – Get entering!

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We have a Winner

Winner of  the Tree Mural Giveaway


I put all your entries into a cardboard box hat and my daughter has pulled a name out.

Congratulations to

(Comment no 20)

I will email you with the details I need to send you your tree mural.

Thank you to everyone who entered.
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Ooh! Ooh! And by the way!


I have decided to continue my offer of the
20% Discount Voucher
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So sign up and click here to


Wallstory Murals can be purchased from Wallstory Murals or Magic Mural Factory

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Free Tree Mural Giveaway & 20% Discount Voucher


I’ve been working like a dog hard on making this blog a useful and interesting resource for those of you interested in DIY decorating children’s rooms.

As an incentive to encourage you to SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL to this inspiring resource :-)

I am offering you  the opportunity to be entered into
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I am offering a 20% Discount Voucher
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See details of the Paint by Number TREE MURAL KIT here.

How to Enter

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To gain extra entries for the giveaway

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  • Add my “Off the Wall” button to your site (grab it from the upper right sidebar)

Don’t forget add a comment for each thing that you do

Last date for entries to win the Free Tree Mural is Midnight Monday 6th April 2009
The winner of the Tree mural will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday 7th April 2009.

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Jungle Mural – New monkey mural doorhugger design

We’ve added a new design to our Jungle Theme Mural Selection

Wallstory Paint by number mural designs


Watch your head! It’s a Jungle in here!
A cheeky little monkey welcomes little monkeys into the room while his birdy friends announce your arrival.


This monkey doorhugger mural is perfect for over a door or as a bed header..

This adorable wall mural is sure to be perfectly delightful in any child’s jungle themed room.
Team it up with the Jungle Pool Party for even more jungle fun


Kit includes:-
Pattern, transfer paper, directions & colour guide. Patterns can be reversed.


Our Jungle Paint by Number Murals Kits are available from




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How to create a children’s mural using paint by number mural kits

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A glittering Princess Crown Mural-Now even easier to create

My Princess Crown E-mural has been so successful, I have decided to make it into a paint by number pattern to make it that bit easier to create for your little princess’s bedroom.

Princess crown mural for girls bedroom

It’s a paint by number mural , so you don’t need to even think about where to paint the colours.
Plus you can still add 3d elements to make a glittering crown collage.


Add pompons, stick on jewels, sequins, hearts, whatever takes your fancy in the craft store.
Let your little girl choose and stick on some of these treasures. It’ll make it that little bit more special to her, and make it totally unique.

'Treasures' and Jewels to stick onto your Glittering Princess Crown Mural

The kit comes with the crown pattern sized 74cm wide x 60cm high, Transfer paper and instructions.


You will only need two paint colours and white as you can mix up the pale colours by adding white to the darker paints. That saves money! (A sentiment close to my heart at the moment)

You can see this Princess Crown Mural on both my websites

The Magic Mural Factory

and for UK and European buyers
Wallstory Murals


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