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Free Givaway Custom Mural Design


Would you like a custom designed paint by number mural for your child’s room?

Check out the conditions and click here to enter on Nursery Murals and More  who are hosting the giveaway for me.

Thanks Dawn!


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How to Paint a Wavy Line on a Wall


To Paint a wavy line as a simple background to a flower mural like the one from Kidtropolis you can use this method which is great for all sorts of other mural effects. 

See my previous post to see the furniture and mural from Kidtropolis



First draw gentle curves lightly on the wall with chalk. You can wipe away the chalk if you don’t like the layout and redraw until you are happy.
Don’t make the curves too tight as it will be difficult to bend the tape to shape.


Begin sticking the tape to the wall following your lines and coaxing the tape gently into shape around the curves.



Where there are little creases in the tape, flatten them down to stop paint from seeping under the tape



Paint below or above the line, always brushing the paint away from the tape rather than to into it, to stop the paint from bleeding under the tape. Also make sure your paint is not too runny.



Now if you wish, paint the other half of the wall and allow the paint to dry before removing the tape gently to reveal the design with a line between the two colours.
Use wider tape for a wider line.

If you don’t want a line between the colours, paint your lighter colour first painting up to your chalk line and a little bit over.

When that paint is completely dry, stick on your tape as above but make sure it is covering the newly painted area. Painting up to the tape with your darker colour will give you a clean edge when you remove the tape.

You may still find some paint has bled underneath. You can touch this up with your original paint colour afterwards.


Next, paint on some simple, bold flowers.

I’ll show you how to do that next

November 21, 2008 at 8:00 am 1 comment

Simple Children’s Murals and Fantastical Children’s furniture

I just found this marvelous company called Kidtropolis

Their designs take me wish I was still a kid.
The imagination of children is brought to life in their fantastic beds, doors and play structures.



What struck me was the background murals to their custom furniture and play structures.
Absolutely beautiful murals yet so simple you could create the same affect yourself.


Take a look at this nursery mural.

It is made up of a background wavy line with simple flower shapes painted on top.
A white picket fence is attached to the wall.


The wall art is a series of white frames into which 5 little white pots have been inserted with a brightly coloured flower.

It’s so simple I could kick myself for not thinking of it.

Teamed up with their custom designed and built furniture, the effect is just out of this world.

On my next post, I’ll show you how you can paint a wavy line and create some simple flowers shapes to get the effect. All you need then is a piece of Kidtropolis designed furniture and you’ve got a stunning nursery or children’s room to die for!


November 20, 2008 at 5:44 pm 1 comment

Pirate Themed Decor and Wall Art for Children’s Rooms


If you’ve never been to Etsy, then you ought to!

It’s packed full of wonderful art hand made by talented artists all over the world.

I have decided every week to feature some children’s decor from Etsy in my blog.

This selection of Pirate decor is just a tiny sample of what you can find in there.
Accessorise your child’s Pirate themed room with cushions, drawer handles or pirate themed toys.

Pirate Love links- From left

Pirate Boy and His Whale – Print
Skull and Crossbones cushion
Russian Nesting Pirates
Little Pirate – Petit Pirate
Pirate Ornament
Pirate Ship Pillow Cover
Pirate Treasure Chest For Boys or Girls
Pirate Drawer Pulls

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