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Princess Themed Room Decor

Princess Wall Mural Ideas

With spring and the holidays here, you might be turning your thoughts to a bit of  simple decorating.
Chances are your little girl may aready have lots of pink things in her bedroom.

How about bringing all that pink together in a Princess theme?
Create a Princess room for your little girl with a simple mural as a focal point.

Do it yourself murals are simple and easy to create and can add that WOW factor to an otherwise rather plain pink’  room.

Here are some murals that may inspire you to give it a go.
Paint by number murals are very easy to do, as are adhesive stencil murals, and if you really don’t want to paint, there are  always sticker murals, but for this post I’ll be concentrating on how to paint a Princess mural yourself.

Happily Ever after (paint by number mural)

Princess Castle in the clouds (paint by number mural)
Available at both the Magic Mural Factory and Wallstory Murals


Sweet Dreams Bed hugger mural (paint by number)
Princess in Pink Mini mural (paint by numbers)


Perfectly Princess Room (Self adhesive mural stencils)

Click here to see a short video on how to paint a Princess Murals using self adhesive stencils


Create A Princess Crown for your Princess theme room

Click here for instructions on how to create this 3D princess crown wall art

Princess crown mural for girls bedroom

Princess crown mural with embellishments

Click here for instructions on how to create this 3D princess crown wall art from a previous post


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Where to paint a mural in your child’s room

Take a good look around your child’s room, and ask yourself the following questions.
Your answers will determine the size and type of wall décor you choose.

  • Where are the main pieces of furniture are going in the child’s room?
    (You don’t want your wall art to be partly hidden behind that bookcase you forgot was going on that wall! Or disappearing behind the head board!)
  • Are there are to be any other wall décor elements to be included in the room or any existing ones to stay?
  • Is there any large object or furniture that you may want to include later that may take up some wall space?
    Make a note of the heights and widths of any objects. It may help to draw a very pale chalk mark on the wall where these objects will be.
  • Is there something you would like to disguise?

After answering these questions look and see what wall space is left?

  • A whole wall?
  • The whole room?
  • The ceiling?
  • The floor?
  • Above the bed head?
  • Opposite the bed?
  • On a piece of furniture?
  • Either side of a window?
  • Above a bookcase?
  • Around a toy box?
  • Over a fireplace?
  • On a door etc?
  • Where do you would like the focal point to be?

Now you can see what space you are dealing with and you can choose how to fill it either with a kid’s mural or child wall art. It could be large or small.
It’s up to you.

The Magic Mural Factory have a great range of DIY paint by number murals that are designed to be painted around doors (Doorhuggers), or around a bed or bed head (Bed huggers) and smaller murals for over shelves, and other pieces of common bedroom furniture.

For example look at these ones

 Princess Room theme Bedhugger


 Spaceman and Alien Doorhugger. (Part of the Alien Planet mural selection)

Vine and Corner fairy mural (Part of the fairy mural paint by number selection)


Baseball equipment mural (Part of the sport murals, paint by number collection)

There’s lots more at the Magiuc Mural Factory to suit the theme you choose for your children’s wall mural

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FREE Princess crown mural design

Princess crown mural for girls bedroom

 We have a free Princess crown mural e-mural design for downloading.

Perfect for your little girls Princess themed bedroom 

Princess crown mural with embellishments

Princess crown mural with embellishments

Try it out – It’s FREE

 Download the design and the instructions to your computer and see how our e-mural designs work.
The design can be enlarged using a photocopies or an overhead projector.

  Princess crown e-mural cover    Princess crown e-mural contents

 You’ll find the mural near the bottom of our download page.

Click here to go to the download page

Just click the buttons and follow the instructions to download it to your hard drive.

Let me know how you get on.
Please leave a comment.

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Make a glittering Princess Crown mural

Princess crown mural

With not too much difficulty or cost, you can create a simple but effective mural with a difference that will not only look beautiful but also give your child the pleasure of helping to make it. Above her bed would be an ideal position for this mural design.

You will need:

  • Artists’ acrylic paint in the colours of your choice. (choose colours to tie in with the rest of the room)
  • Large sheet of paper approximately 1.5’ wide (you could use a sheet of newspaper if you can’t find paper big enough)
    OR now available is our ready made pattern Princess Crown Mural Kit here for the UK  or Princess Crown Mural pattern here for USA
  • Masking tape to tape the design to the wall.
  • An overhead projector (optional)
  • Overhead projector transparent film and pen (optional)
  • Strong contact adhesive
  • Pretty buttons, stars, beads, sequins, stick on jewels or any jewel-like bits that can be found in craft shops.
  • Soft graphite, charcoal or coloured chalk
  • A helpful little girl

Lets Get Started
Draw a simple crown and stars shape like the one shown here. You can find crown shapes to copy in children’s storybooks that you may already have or from your local library, or download the whole design and all the details as en E-mural  FREE from my website

The crown shape is quite a simple shape, so you may be able to simply copy it onto some large paper and transfer it onto the wall without the use of an overhead projector. If not, borrow or hire a projector and draw the design onto overhead projector film and project your design onto the wall where you can trace the outline to the size desired.

if you don’t fancy drawing it yourself, now available is our ready made pattern
Princess Crown Mural Kit here for the UK  or Princess Crown Mural pattern here for USA

If you draw it yourself, I suggest making the width of the crown approximately 1.5’ wide.

To make the crown appear to be floating on the wall, create a shadow by tracing the picture onto the wall then move it down and to one side and trace it again to form your drop shadow.

Keep your lines a bit wobbly, this is part of the charm of the design.

Paint the drop shadow in a pale grey, and then paint the crown and stars in your chosen colours. The simpler the better. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Next comes the fun bit. Collect buttons, woolly balls, metallic stars, sequins, stick on jewels and glittery bits and pieces that you can find in craft shops and craft suppliers.

Now with the help of your child, glue these treasures to the painted crown to give it that extra sparkle. A bit of glitter wouldn’t go amiss either! Have fun.

Floating stars

Why not create more floating stars around the room?

Create an outline of your star shapes as illustrated here. Make sure you keep your drop shadow positions consistent for best effect.

Paint the shadow a pale grey and then fill in the stars with colours to match the crown. Add some jewels if you wish.

It’s a great effect… the stars look like they are floating and it’s so simple.

To create a realistic drop shadow colour, put some of your background wall colour in a small container, mix in a little drop of black acrylic paint until the colour is slightly darker than the background wall colour. Don’t make it too dark. Look at the real shadows in the room as a rough guide.

To create your own transfer paper, draw your design onto a large sheet of paper, rub the back of the paper with a coloured chalk, charcoal or soft graphite pencil. When you draw over the design with a ball point pen onto the wall, the design will be transferred.

If you use a graphite pencil to draw the design on the wall, do it very lightly as it can show through the paint and be impossible to remove. It is better to draw lightly with a coloured crayon in a colour similar to the final paint colour.

Use tester pots of acrylic wall paint available form DIY and paint stores. They come in small quantities and are inexpensive.

So there you have it!

Have Fun and have a look at my other downloadable e-murals on my website The Magic Mural factory

OR now available is our ready made pattern Princess Crown Mural Kit here for the UK  or Princess Crown Mural pattern here for USA

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