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How to create shapes in the clouds

How cute is this?

Cloud rabbit room

First see how to create clouds on a wall from my previous post ‘How to paint clouds on a wall’ click here

Making Cloud Shapes

Depending on the layout of the room you can build clouds on an accent wall, above a chair rail, the ceiling or all over the room.
Painted clouds will create a whole new energy to the room making a wonderful back drop to all of the other decor items you might have in the room.

You can bring in a child’s favourite theme into the clouds, like a nautical theme, pony, angels, fairies, birds, unicorn, farm, transport etc.
If you have a sailboat theme, create clouds shaped like sailboats.  It’s easier than you would think.

Cloud duck room

Where do I get the shapes?

boat stencil Dolphin  stencil elephant stencil

You can either make your own stencil inspired from from a picture, bedding, rug or fabric that you have in your child’s room or take a look at some ready made stencils which can save you some work.

If you like the images above, right click on the picture and save the file onto your computer. Enlarge the image using a photocopier and make a stencil by cutting out the shape on thick card or stencil paper.

The simpler the shape the better.
Look at how successful the simple little duck above can be.

train shapes clouds

How do I do it?

Firstly (if you haven’t already done so), You need to click here to read and follow the guide on how to paint clouds.

  1. Make or buy your chosen stencil shape.
  2. Position your stencil and paint a cloud as (described in the guide) within the shape of the stencil.
  3. Make the paint quite tranparent fading it out towards the edge of the stencil so that you do not get too hard an edge.
  4. Remove the stencil and paint the other clouds as normal.


Teddy clouds for nursery

Wall mural idea

For a bolder effect, how about painting a kite or a bunch of balloons in bright colours over the clouds?

Sticker idea

For an even easier option, stick on some stickers but make sure you leave the paint to dry thoroughly otherwise the stickers will fall off.

Cloudwash kit

If you don’t fancy following our method of cloud painting, you can buy a Cloudwash kit from the Magic Mural Factory which contains everything you will need in each kit to design and paint clouds on your walls. If you want to add the bunny, rocket, sailboat or duck to your sky we include a pattern with each kit. You trace the bunny right on the wall with the chalk (included in the kit) and simply fill it in.


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