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Polka Dot Decor For Children’s Rooms

Dotty for Polka Dot Nursery decor

If you’re looking for Polka Dot Bedding and Decor for your child’s room or baby nursery then you’ll be totally spoilt for choice. Take a look at the . You’ll be seeing spots before your eyes! (Sorry, weak I know)

As you can see,  Polka Dot themed bedding is very easy to find.
Now look what I found that would look fantastic to go with your poka dot room theme.

I just love these funky mobiles from the Wonderlandstudio that would look great in a polka dot nursery or child’s bedroom.

They come in all sorts of colours too.

This is what Wonderlandstudio says about her mobiles

“I love to make things for kids and so, voila! I started The Wonderland Studio.
All mobiles are made individually, by me for you! I use kid friendly, non-toxic EVA foam for my mobiles. Got an adventurous baby? These mobiles hang from the ceiling so you can adjust the height of your mobile to be way out of reach of your climbing monkey…perfect for older babies and toddlers! Custom orders are welcome. I can match pretty much any decor…just convo me for details.”

See more of the stick on dots above at  Instant Murals

Ok, lets look at How to Paint Polka Dots on the wall.

Again, it’s really not hard to find polka dot wall art when you search on Polka Dot stickers. There is no end of choice. Polka dot wall stickers can be simply stuck on the wall. Very easy.

Here’s some I found from

Theres lots more colours to choose from. Click on the image below to see the range.

Pink Polka Dots


How to paint Polka Dots on the wall


If you don’t want to go down the polka dot sticker route, then consider painting dots on your walls.

You will need

  • A selection of Plates, cups anything round you can draw around.
  • A light coloured pencil or chalk
  • Acrylic paints of your choice. Tester pots are good value.

How to do it.

  1. Choose your paint colours to suit your bedding.
  2. Take your biggest plate and press it against the wall drawing around it. Repeat in intervals over the wall.
  3. Take your next biggest plate and do the same thing inbetween the first sets of circles. You can overlap dots if you wish.
  4. Keep doing the same thing with your smaller plates until you have  created a pleasing dotty arrangement. You can have them as close together or as far apart as you wish.
  5. Next take your first paint colour and paint in some of the dots evenly across the wall. Use a small paint brush for the edges and fill in with a larger flat brush.
    Don’t buy really cheap brushes, you’ll only end up with hairs sticking to the paint as the brush ‘sheds’ it’s bristles. Don’t get too worried if you wobble a bit, when all the dots are finished you won’t notice the odd wobble.
  6. Do the same with your other colours until all the dots are painted.
  7. If you overlap dots, paint the overlap area in a different colour
  8. I would suggest to stick to 3 colours or tones of a colour unless you want a really colourful poka dot design.

There you have it.
A polka dot room theme. Really easy and very effective and cheerful.


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Create a children’s mural in a day – Moonbaby interactive mural

With interactive stars
Absolutely NO painting required!

Not everyone wants to paint a mural themselves.
If that’s you, then this mural solution for a baby nursery mural is a great idea for you.
Even if you don’t copy the mural exactly, you can use the same technique on another sticker mural you might prefer to use. 
At the Magic Mural Factory we have more sticker murals, and more themes in the Wallables range of 3d stick on musical wall art.
Ideal for baby nursery decor

This mural is made up of a sticker mural and a set of 3D stars that play music when pressed and glow in the dark

You will need

1) A Moon Baby sticker mural
2) A set of Wallable Super Stars (set of 4)
All available from the Magic Mural Factory

How to do it

1) Stick your mural in a postition that your baby can reach.
Next to the cot or crib is a good place or next to your changing area so your baby can press the musical stars as you change his nappy.

2) Place the easy stick stars around the mural in positions that your child can reach.


You’re Done!

It’s so easy, and so effective

All these products are available at the

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