My mosaic project -Stage 2

July 7, 2008 at 8:33 am Leave a comment

I now have two hollow papier maché balls for the topiary part of my mosaic trees.

The mosaic materials

I don’t want to use little square mosaic tiles, so I’ve asked my friends to keep any broken crockery, pottery, plates cups etc that they have for me to use for the mosaic. I’m looking for tones of greens and blues.

A friend of mine, a local artist had loads of broken crockery in his studio and was happy for me to help clear some of it out. I also passed through a local brocante (bricabrac) and picked up a couple of bits very cheaply.

I have two of these tiles with bees on them, so I have to get them into the mosaic tree somehow.

Next I needed to find two pots for the topiaries to stand in.

I went to our local garden centre and spent ages looking at potential candidates.
The ones I really loved were two gorgeous green blue glazed pots. They were rather expensive, and after ages looking at the alternatives, I thought to myself…

 ‘I’m tired of always having to choose the cheap alternative! This week my children will eat pasta with no sauce and I’ll get those two heavenly pots of love!’

I got them home and tried to get an idea of the proportions of pot to ball by putting one of the papier maché balls on a stick inside the pot, and jamming it upright with wads of newspaper .
I turned my head to one side, squinted and turned to the other side but NOOoo!!! THEY WERE TOO BIG! Aargh!!! The ball looked like a tennis ball in comparison
Back I went, returning the beautiful green blue love pots and chose 2 smaller (cheaper) unglazed pots.

This is how it looks now

I think these proportions are better

I think these proportions are better

(We can have sauce with our pasta after all).
I think the proportions are better now and I’m a better mother for it.

The stem of the mosaic topiary

For the tree stem, I am using a piece of twisted iron used to make iron railings.

When I got it home our cat gave it his rub of approval.

I ‘m taking that as a good sign for stage 3


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