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New DIY Jungle Murals

Watch out! There’s a bit of monkey business going on here!


Take a look at our latest addition to our DIY Jungle mural selection at Wallstory Murals.
This cheeky monkey mural is perfect as a doorhugger or for a narrow wall space.
It’s easy to paint using our simple paint by number mural system.


If you can colour in a colouring book you can paint one of our murals!
Click here to see how it’s done

Meet our adorable Giraffe and Parrot Doorhugger Mural


The giraffe stands guard over the door and welcomes visitors with a smile.
Team them up with the cheeky monkey for even more jungle fun!


Both these murals are also available at the
Magic Mural Factory

for USA buyers


Enter our Givaway Tree Mural offer plus claim your 20%discount voucher for Wallstory Murals.
HURRY Offer ends 6th April
Click here for details

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Wallpaper Tree Mural Pattern

The Wallpaper Tree Mural Pattern that I promised you is now ready!

wallpaper-tree1You can read the whole post here or go straight to the pattern on my website

The Tree mural pattern at Wallstory Murals for UK and European readers


The Tree mural pattern at Magic Mural Factory for USA readers

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How to create a tree mural

A beautiful tree mural with very little painting required.


You can create a tree mural design using the concept from my previous post.

Find yourself a tree shape outline. There are loads to be found when you ‘search on ‘tree mural’ and using the google images option.
Find a tree shape that you like and copy and trace the image onto your wall freehand, or onto overhead projector film and project the image onto the wall and trace.

Alternatively you can buy the  tree mural design below from me from my websites.

Wallpaper Tree Mural outline  at Wallstory Murals for UK and European buyers

Wallpaper Tree Mural outline at Magic Mural factory for USA buyers

The shape will come as a full sized paper pattern and transfer paper which you tape to the wall and trace the design onto the wall. This will make your life much easier.


Next draw up a simple leaf shape that you can use as a template. Draw it onto cardboard and cut it out.  This is your template.


Go to your local DIY decor store and choose a wallpaper design. You could choose 2 or 3 designs that coordinate well.  Save money by looking in the bargain bins or ask for samples of each paper.

Choose designs that have small repeat patterns.


You could also use beautiful craft papers. There are so many gorgeous design to choose from.

Take your leaf template and draw as many leaves as you can on the wallpaper or craft paper as you can fit. Cut each leaf out.  The tree above will take about 100 leaves.

Paint in your tree trunk with a tree colour of your choice. It could be any colour, not just brown. If you want a subtle look, paint it in a pale greeny brown or any pale colour of your choice that will tie in with your leaf wallpaper colours that you choose.
Use acrylic craft paints or tester pots of arcylic wall paints from your local DIY store.

When your paint is dry, paste your wallpaper leaves onto the ends of your branches using either wallpaper paste or PVA glue which dries clear. Overlap some of the leaves. You could have some blowing in the wind, or in a pile on the ground for an addtional effect.

Cut out some little bird shapes and paste them in the tree too.

There you have it! A simple and effective way of creating  a tree mural for your baby nursery or child’s bedroom.

For those of you who would like to try their hand at painting a simple tree mural I now have a selection Paint by Number Tree Murals available in all sorts of shapes and sizes



You can buy this and other Tree Murals here (USA buyers)

Love Bird Tree paint by number mural

Birch tree silhouette wall mural

UK and European buyers can find my own Wallstory Tree Design range at Wallstory Murals

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How to Create a Tree Mural

Wallpaper tree mural

I came across this delightful idea for a child’s room or nursery from Enfant Terrible. 
It even has a little bird house with a light inside it!
Silhouettes of little birds are also available that you can paste around the room as in this tasteful baby nursery.
A baby will not grow out of this design too quickly as in some mural themes. In fact I would be happy with this mural in my room!


This is a really easy tree mural for you to create as you  simply paste it on your wall.
The leaves are handcut from designer and vintage wallpaper by Inke, and are available in spring, summer and autumn colours.
They are made by hand in Leiden, the Netherlands, providing meaningful employment to adults with disabilities.

Priced at C $323.00 for 5 piece trunk and 84 leaves.
Height approx 2 meters x 2.5 meters
The trunk may be trimmed.
It’s packed in a tube complete with a brush, a packet of paste and simple instructions. 

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How To Paint A Water Effect on the Wall

Thanks to Debra Conrad for this technique.
Check out her website,  ‘That Painter Lady’  jam-packed with mural tips, tricks and ideas

My favorite way to paint the water portion of an Underwater Mural is also the best way to paint a sky background.

If you can master this technique… Ocean Style Murals and Cloudy Sky Style Murals will be quick and easy to accomplish.

Step 1 : Paint the entire wall blue.
Step 2: Glaze the entire wall with blue.

In a nutshell, that’s it!

So… now I will give you the essential tricks of the trade to achieve these results.


  • Latex Paint – Eggshell or satin – Baby or Powder Blue (Purchase enough to actually paint the walls.)
  • Glazing Medium – Big jug or can from the big box store
  • Thalo Blue Paint Tinting Liquid from the big box hardware store
  • Chip Brush – From the big box hardware store- Cheap and disposable
  • Water/Rags/Drop cloth/Tape etc.
  • Woolie Pad – From Home Depot or order online here:
    Woolie #100607 Lambwool Faux Appl Tool

The Technique:

The entire wall must be painted in the baby or powder blue color.
This base coat color must not be skipped. This technique looks terrible over a white background.

The chip brush is used for two reasons.

  1. You just can’t get close to the ceiling or baseboards with a Woolie Pad so I use a chip brush to cut into these areas… blending very carefully.
  2. I need a tool to get the blue glaze applied to the Woolie because if you just dip the pad into the glaze, it will soak up to much liquid.

The Woolie Pad is used because the technique requires long horizontal strokes that can’t be accomplished with just a brush. Also, the Woolie Pad makes painting sky or water murals easier on textured walls.

The ratio of glazing liquid to blue tint is not an exact science.
I will give you a formula so you know it must be mixed very strong.This is to get the desired intensity… as the glazing liquid is transparent. (… and no, this technique will not work with just dark blue paint… so don’t try it!)
The formula for the glaze is – 6 parts glaze to 1 part blue tint.

The paint is “glided” on in horizontal (left to right) strokes. More glaze (intensity) is applied as you work your way down the wall.

I keep a dish of clear glaze and a spray bottle of water nearby. I can work the horizontal striations (what looks like brush strokes) out of the painting as I go.

Remember to work with a damp Woolie Pad.

Always spritz the pad with water and work it into the wool before you start painting. And… keep that pad damp. If you have to walk away from the work area, slip the pad into a plastic bag.  The tips of the wool pad can dry and then all the softy goodness is gone.

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